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Impact Firestop Solutions provides 
assurance that you will receive high quality firestopping and fireproofing by their trained installers.

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Fireproofing (HiBAR®)

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Multi-Family Dwellings

Knowledgeable home builders understand that Firestopping correctly can mean the difference between serious injury or even life and death.

To ensure the safety of their valued customers they require documentation to prove that every firestop application complies with a listed ULC Systems Design.

So why do some Home Builders insist on hiring a qualified Firestopping Professional to Firestop their buildings?

…Because they care.

Laebon Homes

Timberstone Appartments 1 & 2, Red Deer
Lonsdale Green, Red Deer
Views at St. Joseph, Red Deer
Lonsdale Court, Red Deer